New website goes live!

The Eaglesham Fair Committee are delighted to announce that their new website for the management of the Ardoch Over Enoch Community Benefit Fund, is now live. This new website will act as the focal point for making applications for funding and local groups or individuals in the Parish Of Eaglesham and Waterfoot are to be encouraged to use the new website to review the terms and Conditions of any grants and to make an online application. Lynn Kirkland, secretary of the Eaglesham Fair Committee said, "The new website will enable the volunteers who run this committee to manage and review any applications for funding in an efficient manner by harnessing the power of the web. It means that we can run a streamlined  process for assessing the applications that we receive which in turn means we can aim to turn these around quite quickly and get back to the person, or group, requesting support as soon as we can. The website will also help to spread the message about the types of things we can support and encourage uptake of the grant funding programme. Its content will be expanded over time and will aim to include Case Studies to show how this Community Benefit Fund has benefited the local community."