How To Apply

To make the process as efficient as possible for the volunteer committee, we have opted to allow online applications only. No paper copies of applications will be allowed.

To facilitate the online applications, we have provided an Online Application Form which has just 12 questions which need to be worked through and answered as fully as your applications dictates. 10 of these 12 questions are mandatory (marked with a *) and require answers with just 2 being optional.

The Application Form can be saved as you go along in case you need to come back to it as you prepare your application.

The minimum application amount is £500.

Please note that you will require to submit additional information to support your application: the information required will be dependent on the amount you are applying for.

  • Under £3,000 we will need copies of your organisations or group’s last 3 months  Bank Statements
  • Over £3,000 we will need the Bank Statements for the last 3 months as well as  your latest Accounts and a copy of your group’s or organisation’s Constitution

Please note that any data you submit as part of your application is stored only on UK based servers and none of that data is stored offshore.

If you have any queries about any of your answers, please send an email to: