Geoff Greenlaw

Geoff has been Chairman of the Eaglesham Fair since 2011, and was appointed Chairman of the AOE Windfarm Community Fund Board of Trustees in 2015.

Geoff has been a resident of the village of Eaglesham since 1984, attending the local primary school whilst playing an active part in many of the local clubs throughout his earlier life, so is well versed on what the spirit of bringing a community together is all about. Geoff is married to Shirley, also from the village, and their 3 children have all been part and present at local schools, in addition to many of the locals clubs and societies throughout the years.

Geoff has worked in IT Sales for more than 20 years, and has spent the last 12 years with Symantec/Veritas Technologies as a Senior Director in their Northern European business. Whilst far travelled in his role, he continues to be very active in the organising of the Fair, and has played a pivotal role in the initial sourcing and negotiation of the charitable funding and resources that will help enable the AOE Windfarm Community Fund to prosper and grow over the coming years.